Maria "Blood Mary" Hannigan



Maria Hannigan: 769859 {Skill Total: 11}
female imperial human, Age: 38

Skills: Melee (unarmed) 2

Trained: Advocate, Battledress, Flyer (rotor), Gun Combat (slug pistol), Investigate, Mechanic, Melee (blade), Streetwise, Tactics (military)

Basic: Carouse, Computers, Drive, Recon, Survival, Vac Suit

Gear: 505 cr, Subdermal Armor (1), Vacc Suit (4), Autopistol (3d6-3, Auto 4, 5 mags of 15), Blade (2d6), jack armor (1), Snub Pistol (3d6-3, 5 clips of 10)

Maria "Blood Mary" Hannigan

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