Billy Bob

Dolphin Scholar / Mercenary


Billy Bob (Dolphin Scholar): 6878A8,
Age 24.
{Skill Total: 13}

Skills: Advocate 2

Trained: Physical Science (Physics), Vacc Suit, Waldo Operation, Computers, Social Science (Sophontology), Engineer (Life Support), Investigate, Art (singing), Gun Combat (energy pistol), Medic, Stealth.

Basic: Comms, Diplomat, Medic, Investigate.

5,095 cr, Cybernetic waldo ports, Waldo set w/ plugs, Armored Walker-suit (TL11 combat armor w/ 2 built in laser pistols). Tee-Suit. TL 12 Medkit. Comm TL10 (Computer/1 running trasnlator 1)

Age 12: Scientist, Computers +1, win prestigious prize. R1, social science +1 (Sophontology), Advocate 1.
Age 16: Engineer (Life Support) +1, Nearly killed (1 -4!) Str -4 =2. 75% paid. Back to 6. Debt: 5,000cr, R2 +1 Advocate.
Age 20: +1 Physics. Breakthrough in your field. +2 Adv. R3 Investigate 1, Art (singing) +1.
Muster (5 rolls): 5,000cr, 30,000cr, +1Soc, +1Soc (8), scientific equipment.
Skill Package (Traveller): Gun Combat (Energy Pistol) 1, Medic 1, Stealth 1.
Age 24 (in play): Walston to get ship.

Billy Bob

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