Marick, Nick, and Billy

An Unfortunate End
or... an "elimination" ticket goes wrong

Renewed his unit’s mercenary license at Instellarms offices on Flammarion Orbital. Cost: 20,000cr.

Took “elimination” job through Instellarms clearinghouse.

Boarding Theodore for 2 weeks on Flammarion Orbital. 500Cr per week = 1000 cr. [Never come back!]

@ Hells Foothold
Checked into Hellfire Club as:
Javian Wales – Marick, Accountant
Walter Wales – brother
Shelly Wales – Cousin
On Vacation from Lunion.

Marick and Nick killed the mark (Sir Otho Shiona) and his two associates. Both were bleeding from gunshot wounds. The assassins were captured by Hells Foothold Security Forces. (Nick fell amidst them after slipping on his own blood. Marick surrendered after radioing for Maria to get back to Flammarion with their gear.) Maria was seen by multiple witnesses casing Shiona’s rooms and tailing his associates. She managed to escape however, taking a Ling System Lift Services flight back to Flammarion, and from there disappearing. The assassination has not been linked to any organization or cause.

Marick Coal is executed on Shaitan for his crimes of multiple premeditated murders, illegal weapon possession and operation, registering under a false identification, and criminal organization.

Nick Water is sentenced to life in prison for multiple murders and illegal weapons possession and operation. He has been remanded to Captain Kamil of Ling Standard Products – System Security for carrying out of sentence. [Will end up working with a conscripted-prisoner military unit.]

Maria Hannigan, a.k.a. “Bloody Mary,” was sentenced in absentia to death for her assistance to multiple murders, aiding and abetting violent criminals, and piracy. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Billy Bob was unable to help his friends, but did manage to take possession of the scout ship SS High N Dry on a detached duty agreement with the Scout Service, via Border-Line Shipping, LIC. He also collected the 200,000 credit fee for the “successful” elimination ticket. He now goes by “Captain Billy” and is the Team Leader of his own mercenary ship crew.

Theodore, the Tensher’s Wolf, was adopted by one of the boarding kennel workers.

Awaiting a Refurbished Ship...
Mercs on an Space Station

Marick, Nick, and Billy have been working together as mercenaries for years.

They Recently went on a trip to Walston (SM 1232) and picked up a scout ship for a Mr Anders Casarii of Border-line Shipping LIC, with the agreement that they would get the ship on a detached-duty program.

Their newest recruit, Maria, is a rogue they encountered on 567-908 along the way. They were forced to kill two of her companions, but Maria survived her injuries. They were going to deliver her to the Scouts on Walston, but the base was closed. During the journey they came to an agreement whereby Maria would work for them, and they wouldn’t make an issue of her past. She seems genuinely interested in turning over a new leaf.

Marick made a point of noting on his computer the coordinates of the caves where they found Maria and company, and the launch they had been riding in.

They managed to find the ship on Walston (an adventure in and of itself) and then repair and retrieve it from the crater of a newly active volcano, where it had been abandoned by its previous owners. They jury-rigged it enough to not only escape the volcano, but save some others and become local heroes.

The recovered ship is currently being refurbished at Flammarion Orbital and the mercs are being given room and board on board the o’neil cylinder habitat until it is ready for them to use.



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