Lieutenant Marick Coal

Army medic and sharpshooter / Mercenary officer


Lt. Marick Coal:9AA99B, Age 38 {Skill Total: 20}
Skills: Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 3, Heavy Weapons (Autocannon) 2, Recon 2.
Trained: Gun Combat (Slug Pistol), Melee (blade), (martial arts), Medic, Leadership, Survival, Tactics (Military), Weapon Engineering (Slug Throwers), Stealth, Vacc-Suit, Pilot (starship), Persuade, Comms.
Basic: animals, carouse, computer, trade (accountant), Drive, Athletics, Recon, Explosives.

58,380 cr, Gauss Rifle. (980,000cr debt)

Age 18: Army (Draft). (Support) Medic 1, Special Assignment +1 to one Benefit roll. R1 Lance Corporal
Age 22: +1 End (9), advanced training (S Rifle), Commission R01 Lieutenant, +1 Dex (9)
26: 3rolls (Army): +1 Int (9), 5,000 cr, +1 Int (A),
Commando (Technician) Explosives 0, Heavy Weapons (Autocannon)
1,Double Cross +1 Rival (Team leader did not give them necessary information… pissed off the group. Alex Renfro) Adv: R1 Team Leader (took over, kicked Renfro out!) Melee (Blade) +1 (duel!)
30: Melee (martial arts) +1, Shipped to a wild colony in Sword Worlds +1 Survival. R2 Sergeant, Tactics Military +1. Weapons Engineering (slug throwers) 1, (Extracting the Dolphin colony!)
34: Heavy Weapons +1, Ticket goes awry because of bad intelligence (how the transport got rerouted!), gunfight (successful!) +1 Soc (B), R3 “Color Sergeant”, +1 slug rifle
5 rolls: +1 Dex (A), +1 End (A), 75,000cr, Ally (Billy Bob, the Dolphin Scientist), Weapon (Gauss Rifle)
+1 stealth from Nick, +1 Vacc Suit From Billy Bob.
From Traveller skill package:
Pilot (Starship) 1, Persuade 1, Comms 1.
38 (in play): Assigned to recover the ISS Highndry from Walston.

Lieutenant Marick Coal

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