Corporal Nick Water

Star Marine / Barbarian / Mercenary


Cpl. Nick Water: A9CCA4 {Skill Total: 15}
(Missing left eye.) Age 38

Skills: Zero-G 2

Trained: Medic, Gun Combat (Energy Rifle), (Slug Rifle), (Energy Pistol), Stealth, Survival, Melee (Blade), Seafarer (Motorboats), Life Sciences (Biology), Combat Engineer (Camouflage), Recon, Gunner (Turret), Sensors.

Basic: animal, Computer, Drive, Athletics, Battle Dress, Tactics, Heavy Weapons, Explosives.

29,637 cr, Gauss Rifle, TL11 Combat Armor,TL9 Laser Rifle, Broadsword, 1 ship share.

Age 18: Star Marine. Medic +1, Black opps mission. +2 Adv. R1 Lance Corporal, Zero-G
Age 22: Zero-G, Stranded behind enemy lines. Survival +1 (Sword Worlds) +30,000cr, +1 End C
26: Drifter (Barbarian), +1 int (B), lost an eye (right) -1 dex (9) R1 Barbarian, Seafarer (Motorboats)
30: Melee (Blade) +1, Time among Alien Race. Life Sciences (biology) 1. Contact +1 (Dolphin: Billy Bob, scientist.) R2 “Warrior” +1 int ©
34: Three rolls: Weapon (Laser Rifle), Ship Share, Weapon (Broadsword), Commando (Special Ops) Explosives 0, Stealth +1. Transport got rerouted, gunfight (successful)! Adv: R1 Team Leader, Combat Engineer (camouflage),
2 rolls: Weapon (Gauss Rifle), Armor (Combat Armor, TL11)
+1 Recon from Marick, Vac Suit +1 from Billy Bob
From Traveller skill package: Gunner (Turret) 1, Sensors 1.
Now Age 38 (1105): Went to Walston to get Scout Ship.

Corporal Nick Water

Marick, Nick, and Billy zephyrinus